Sunday, June 2, 2013

It's time to go on stage!

Miss K (6) has been taking dance for three years now and Little K (4) just finished up her first year. After asking daily about when the Recital would be for the last month, it was finally time. It had been a busy week between recital pics, dress rehearsal and my work. Both girls were up by 6am ready to go.

However, they were not the only ones filled with anticipation. Large groups of people tend to be difficult for L to handle so while he was looking forward to seeing the kids on stage he was anxious about how he would handle the crowds. Thankfully the location of the recital (and our seats) allowed for L to wait outside in the foyer and I texted him right before it was the girls turn. That way he got to see them perform while being able to stay calm.

The girls did wonderful and most importantly had a lot of fun. Mr K (2) did great as well and enjoyed watching all the different performances despite the recital not starting until after his normal bed time.

Next year we will have three little dancers since they have started a 'Mommy & Me' class for 2+3 year olds. Since Mr K was always so disappointed when he didn't get to stay at practice with his sisters I really think that he will have so much fun.

But back to last night. When we got to the car L asked Little K what her favorite part had been. Her response was priceless: "I enjoyed most that you were there to watch me."

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