Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Fathers come in many forms. There is the new dad who just became a dad for the first time, the dad who has two, three or more kids and is a 'Pro' at this dad thing. Most grow with the child and learn the ropes from the very beginning. But some get thrown into this when the child is older simply because they happened to fall in love with someone who already had a child.

That was and is my dad. He married my mom when I was still little so he had always been there in my memory. That does not mean that it was easy for me. With the arrival of two sisters there were times when I felt that I wasn't a complete part of the family. And I clearly remember the day that I lashed out at him telling him that he wasn't allowed to tell ME what to do. He wasn't my father after all. Looking back I can only imagine how much I hurt him with that. He loved (and loves) me just like he does my sisters. We continued to butt heads all through my growing up and it wasn't until I moved out that I really started to appreciate all that he had done for me.

Here at home, L faces different struggles due to his own experiences growing up without a father with the added 'bonus' of his mental health struggles. Despite all of that there is not the tiniest doubt in my mind that he loves our children. What most would consider normal situations are not always easy for him to handle. Going to the park on a busy day, birthday parties, the early morning rush to get kids ready for school all can create a challenge for him. Yet he tackles these things because he loves us.

Thank you for all that you do to L and my dad.

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