Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Money, money, money...

One of the many symptoms of bipolar disorder can be spending sprees, couple that with another symptom (poor impulse control) and you have the potential for disaster. There have been some cases like the recent one of Millionaire Ed Bazinet that have made the news just this February. Ed Bazinet "one of New York City's wealthiest men went on a manic five-day spending spree, reportedly buying more than $20 million in throw pillows, furniture and wall art before checking himself in to a psychiatric clinic." *

This is an issue all to common to those living with bipolar disorder. While we have nowhere near the money that Mr Bazinet has, we have had our fair share of spending sprees. For L they tend to happen not just when he is manic but also when he is depressed as an attempt to 'self-medicate' and to make himself feel better by doing nice things for others. It has caused some difficult situations and it is one of the things we are working hard on fixing though while things have dramatically improved to earlier years we still experience set backs and at there are times when it feels we always will.

Being able to save money can be taunting task under 'normal' circumstances. What are your tips and tricks?

* Source: http://abcnews.go.com/Health/millionaire-ed-bazinet-hospitalized-bipolar-disorder-manic-spending/story?id=15638053#.T8Le0sWbFqQ

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