Wednesday, April 4, 2012

One Tweet, 140 characters - Your message to others

Last night I had the honor to host my second #mhsm chat. I had done it sometime last year or maybe even the year before that. Either way, it had been a while. If you are not sure, here a quick note on it:

The #mhsm chat is in its second year after it debuted on 2/9/10. The original vision for the chat was "for this chat [...] to bring the entire mental health community on Twitter together so that we can raise awareness, end stigma and continue our education process together. This means professionals in the field, activists, advocates, and those who struggle with mental health issues themselves are all welcome and part of this effort. We are all working towards the same goal, better health, and together we can create something very special."

In these last two year it has become that and so much more thanks to the dedicated work of some wonderful individuals.

But enough reminiscing. As I said, I hosted last night's chat and chose the topic 'How to support a loved one with mental illness'. After all, that topic is close to my heart and very important to me. I had written down a basic outline for the chat and had decided on 5 topics/questions

1. First Signs that something was out of the 'norm'
2. What difference did a diagnosis make/ are you wishing it would make
3. Reaction by friends/family
4. How are you supporting your loved one
5. How are you supporting yourself

The chat was going well and I appreciated every single person that was sharing their own idea and experiences. To read the whole transcript just go here and I really hope you do.

As we were nearing the end of the chat I realized that we had the opening for one more question that had not even crossed my mind until the minute I posted it.

I think had I started the chat out with that question we still would have been able to fill that allotted hour with no problem. I loved the responses so much that I want to share them with you and I would love it if you added your own in the comments here.

EatsShootsEdits A6) I am more than my mental illness but I it is also part of who I am. #mhsm -8:53 PM Apr 3rd, 2012

VictoriaDevious A6: this is who I am. It isn't going to change but it won't define me. I am still me, just more interesting. ;3 #mhsm -8:53 PM Apr 3rd, 2012

bandback2gether A6: Mental illness does not define someone. You are more than your diagnosis. You are not alone! #mhsm -8:53 PM Apr 3rd, 2012

SimpLee_Serene A6 #MentalIllness is a disease! It is NOT a weakness of character. Learn about it - so you can help reduce the stigma #mhsm -8:53 PM Apr 3rd, 2012

stephintoronto A6.I am not my illness.I am worthy of love&friendship.I need to take everyday as it comes&life in my head is hard. #mhsm -8:54 PM Apr 3rd, 2012

ncrainbowgrrl T6: You know someone with MI, but do they think you'd be receptive to hearing about it? #mhsm -8:54 PM Apr 3rd, 2012

NAMIMass A6: You r not alone, it will get better, ask 4 help, get educated, & don't let the fear/stigma keep you from taking care of yourself #mhsm -8:56 PM Apr 3rd, 2012

bethany1699 A6. Mental Illness doesn't have to be scary. It has to be dealt with and is serious, but being ok is still possible. #mhsm -8:56 PM Apr 3rd, 2012

isalwayssick T6: I usually can't control it, so please don't blame me when things get a little "crazy" around here. #mhsm -8:56 PM Apr 3rd, 2012

NAMIMass A6: Mental illness is only one facet of us, we all have many facets that make us each unique, don't forget that! #mhsm -8:57 PM Apr 3rd, 2012

isalwayssick T6: My #mentalillness is usually a pain in my ass, but other times, it's part of what makes me interesting. Take me or leave me. #mhsm -8:58 PM Apr 3rd, 2012


Chrisa said...

#MentalIllness is NOT what you see on TV, just like most things in life.

Lee said...

Kristina you did a FABULOUS job moderating last night's chat.

Amazing what can be shared in 140 characters.

Kris said...

Thank you Lee. I very much enjoyed it. But all the thanks needs to go to the participants who were so willing to share.

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