Thursday, April 12, 2012

I was all set

Lately it feels that as soon as I make headway there is one thing (or 10 of them) knocking me back. I was so excited about this year's #HAWMC. Ready to tackle it and participate all months long. I wasn't able to last year so I was determined to change that this time around. I did great the first few days. And then the bottom fell out. (No, L is doing okay, this one is not on him). Tuesday of last week I found out that my dad had fallen down the steps and broken two ribs. He was in the hospital. I was still doing okay though as always hated that I was so far away and unable to really be there for my mom. She had just gotten out of the hospital after surgery on her thyroid and then a second hospital stay with emergency surgery because of a blood clot. I could feel myself getting a bit depressed but figured I'd just need a day or two and things would start looking up. Thursday I went to drop the middle child off at preschool. Same as always. Just this time I managed to fall down the steps. A trip to the ER revealed that luckily it was not broken, just sprained badly. Saturday morning I was woken up at 5:30am by my youngest sister who let me know that our mom was back in the hospital for another emergency surgery for another blood clot. And Sunday was Easter. A time for family to get together and enjoy each others company. At least in theory though around here and especially for L it is an extremely stressful day. It is now Thursday and I am still not fully recovered from last week. I am getting there slowly but it is taking me a while.

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