Friday, January 20, 2012

There are times when we are 'normal'

One thing I struggle with at times when it comes to blogging is the fact that there are many times when we are just 'normal', average, like Joe next door. During those times, what am I supposed to blog about? Would anyone like to read posts dealing with our 'normal' life?

And then I realized something. It is still part of our journey. I always talk about how people shouldn't let their illness be the only defining thing about them. I tell L that he is more than his illness on days where he feels like things ARE all about his illness. Yet I was doing the exact thing I was doing the exact same thing here on my blog.

I am more than what is going on when there are posts that relate to L's illness. There are so many funny stories of our oldest that I could have blogged about. Like over the past few days where she is convinced that she is a fairy. A real life fairy that gets her wings at night and can fly around. She by herself would be worthy of blog entries with the things she comes up with.

So in the future there will hopefully be some more blog posts about family stuff, every day funny stuff and just our crazy life.

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steppinoffthepier said...

I think this is great! When I'm having low points it's nice to be able to look back over blog or journal entries and see the better times. Records are important.

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