Thursday, August 25, 2011

A life time supply

I was reading my emails and saw that I got another Plinky email. I had used one of their questions a few months ago as a blog prompt. The question that caught my eye this time?

The answer was easy: PATIENCE. One of my biggest issues especially in stressful times is staying patient. And actually, I just dealt with it yet again this morning. Kayleigh wanted a drink. So she got a drink. But after a few sips she decided that that is not what she wanted. She saw a nice shiny can that her daddy had left out and kept insisting that she HAD to have it. Over and over. Even after I removed it. Luckily for both of us her sister decided they wanted to play upstairs so we both got removed from the situation. For a bit.

She just came back downstairs and woke up her brother 'because brother not tired'. Apparently this will be one of 'those' days around here. So where is my life time supply of patience???

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