Friday, August 12, 2011

I am back. I think

I am hoping to get back into blogging with this post. It has been too long. I already have a guestblogger lined up for Monday that I am excited to share with you. The reason I had temporarily stopped was that there was simply too much going on at home. L had convinced himself that in order to work on some things going on in his mind he had to move out. Since he didn't really talk to me about the why and what we were (once again) talking about a divorce. He stayed with friends for almost 4 weeks before moving back in after we sat down and talked. What the future holds, who knows. But we are picking up the pieces and are trying out best to make things work.

I know there are people that might (and do) not agree with my choice to let him move back in but I think that for us, at this point it was and is the right decision.

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Jessa said...

Marriage is between two and it is no ones business how you and your husband handle what you are going through right now. If it was the right decision for the two of you, then it was the right decision for right now.

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