Sunday, June 12, 2011

YOUR face is needed, too

Several days ago Amy posted a discussion on
entitled 'Faces of Mental Illness'. I, and others, took the idea and elaborated in our own ways on it.

I wrote a blog post in reply to it that you can find here if you haven't read it yet. Overall, I think the reaction to the original piece has been great. It is currently one of the top entries over at Wegohealth and the reply I wrote here on my blog has been driving a lot of traffic as well. Looking at the search terms that have brought people here, I have to say that I am very excited. The first one I saw was a person searching for an answer to 'How to tell if someone has a mental illness'. Similar ones followed over the next few days and I hope that all of you that came here because of them found in some way or other what you were looking for. The other search queries were:

1. Important people and actors and actress that have Mental illness
2. what are some of the issues that a person with mental health face.
3. what could we, as a society, Do to lessen the stigmatization of mental illness?.

All great question and all gave me some nice prompts to use over the next weeks. But back to the original piece. Melissa from Sugar Filled Emotions
has also decided to do her own spinoff. For that she needs your face. She hasn't said what exactly she will be doing with the photos she has and will receive but knowing her, it will be great. If you're interested in finding out more about it, check out her 'I need your face' blog post.

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