Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Living next to each other

For the past week or so now L's days and nights have been mixed up. It started, as it usually does, with him going for 24+ hours without sleep. When he finally crashed it was sometime during the day and he woke up late that evening. This is something we deal with frequently. Some times it only lasts a day or two. Other times it lasts for a couple weeks.

It is difficult for all of us to deal with. He tends to wake up right around the time that Little K goes to bed. That means that he misses out on so much that goes on in our lives during those time periods. I will try to wake him up and within seconds of him trying to get up he is back fast asleep with no recollection later that I even tried to wake him up. Not to mention that if he gets up before he has gotten enough sleep, we will all pay for it with a bad time. Finding the balance between his sleep needs, family, peace and quiet can be extremely difficult to find.

Another thing that usually comes along with this is him waking me up frequently during the night for various reasons. He has gotten much better about that over the past few episodes we have had dealing with this. One grumpy sleep deprived person per family is more than enough.

We are still trying to find ways to spend quality time together. Luckily with school being out we can keep the girls up a bit longer than we usually would to get some time in with the girls as well.

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