Wednesday, June 8, 2011

L joined his first #mhsm chat

Last night's topic of the #mhsm tweetchat was 'Bipolar'. I was following along when L noticed the topic as he was looking over my shoulder. He liked what he saw and decided to read along on his own. Sadly, twitter was conspiring against him though and most of his replies didn't post. We talked about the chat afterwards and he said he got some good information from it. Speaking of which, when I have some more time later I will go through the the transcript from last night's chat and post a list of the resources and tips and tricks people talked about.

It was a great chat as always and I, as well, got some great ideas that I would like to implement for us. The one that I think might be the most helpful to us was the suggestion to have a plan. Sounds pretty logical to have a plan, doesn't it? While I am sure we all have our ideas and routines on what to do when situation x happens, this takes it one step further. The idea is to write up a plan and have it handy at all times. The person that suggested it even said she has hers laminated.

I think it would be helpful for L to have a visual reminder of his emergency plan and not just have me tell him especially in times when he is unable/unwilling to acknowledge that, for example, the rule is to not argue while in the car. So with that, I know what we're going to do today.

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