Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I am tired

The past two months have had a lot of ups and downs without much respite. It's not that he has been doing that bad the whole time. There has just been a lot of unpredictability which after a while just drains all the energy out of you. We are still dealing with his sleep schedule being upside down which means that I am taking care of everything by myself for now. Between the kids, work and L I am ready for a vacation.

We are fortunate to have L's family here who have the two girls once a week for a sleepover and lately also have asked to pick up the kids for a play day on a second day of the week. Without that I would have run myself in the ground at this point. But I do get that break from time to time.

I still have a massage gift card that I had gotten for Christmas and have yet to use. So, this week when the girls are at their great-grandparents I WILL make use of it. I just need your help to hold me to it.

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