Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's that time...

I have been thinking about this for a few weeks now and apparently L has as well. He had a difficult weekend though dealt with it rather well. A little short at times but no outbursts. The problem is that Miss K is at the age now were she is much more aware of people's moods. Because she has seen her daddy get very upset over small things she has started pushing him away if she perceives him as being 'mean' or 'upset'. She will not talk to him during those times and actually hide from him.

This behaviour of course is extremely hurtful to L. It tends to make him feel extremely rejected and in return his first instinct is to withdraw from Miss K. They have made a lot of progress together compared to last year and one of their favorite things to do is to go fishing together (in the past there have been times when she refused to go anywhere with him without me there).

Back to this weekend, as usual the endless circle of one rejecting the other started when Miss K perceived her daddy to be upset with her. It was actually L that brought up counseling for her. It solidified my decision that it was time. I called around and found a place close to our house that does play therapy for children. Next week I will go and meet the counselor to give her background information on why Miss K will be coming to counseling and to tell her about Miss K's likes/dislikes so that therapy/counseling can be most effective from day 1. We will also add family counseling for Miss K and her daddy for the two of them to learn together how to deal with these situations.

Wish us (and especially the two of them) luck and if you pray, we would appreciate any prayers you can spare for us at this time.

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