Wednesday, April 6, 2011

HAWMC Day 6! Why I write about (my) health

I write about [my] health because….

Internet and social-media-skeptics always ask me the judgmental “why.” “But why would I blog?” “Why would I have a Twitter?” But what they are really asking is – ‘what’s the point of all of it?’ Well, friends, is there one? Why do we do what we do?

Today we are asked to write about why we do what we do. A great question we should all keep in mind no matter what we do. It is always good to be aware of our motivation.

Shortly after I started to actively blog again after a long absence I wrote an entry called 'Why I do what I do' that is actually stickied right under the header of my blog. Back then we were just starting to put our marriage back together after L had (unbeknownst to me) stopped taking his meds. Things had started going downhill to the point of me moving out into my own place with our daughters intend on getting a divorce. The reason I took up blogging again was my attempt at chronicling us reading 'The Love Dare'. It morphed into me blogging about our family live and the challenges we face because of his diagnosis.

It was as much for myself as it was me trying to reach out to others in similar situations. I refused then and still do now to let his illness make us live in the shadows. I am not going to hide the fact that my husband has mental health problems just because society is stigmatizing those living it daily. The only way to achieve change is to be the change.

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