Monday, April 4, 2011

HAWMC Day 4! A cure has been found!

Today's challenge: Ludicrous headline or cure.

Press Release for Immediate Release!

A cure has been found!

Something that has long been just a suspicion by friends, relatives and strangers has now been conclusively proven as true by Mr Smith' next door neighbor's cousin's ex-wife's second husband's granddaughter: Mental Illness is imaginary! The great news about that is that a cure has finally been found. People claiming to have a 'mental illness' are lying or at the very least imagining it. The cure is simple: just snap out of it or as professionals call it JSOOI. Of course there are various versions of this.

Depression? Think of happy things. Your life is great so no need to be depressed. JSOOI
DID? Stop playing pretend. You are YOU not more than one person. JSOOI
Bipolar Disorder? We all get happy and then sad. Stop exaggerating! JSOOI
Paranoia? You are not that special that everyone is out to get you. JSOOI
PTSD? It wasn't that bad and you're not the only one.
Addiction? You just WANT to do these things. You can stop at any time. JSOOI

As we can see this works for any and all 'mental' disorders. After all, it is all in your mind so JSOOI.

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