Sunday, April 3, 2011

HAWMC Day 3! Yahoo Answers (and a look at Charlie Sheen)

Question: The oThr day I was like tOuchIng thIs peRson and thEn lIke me BFF SaId he had ths Wierd tHyng wHerE shE saId he haD bIpolAr. WTH iS tHAt and dO I liKe hAve iT nw?

Answer: Nah, you're okay. It just means that he has lived at the North and South pole. How awesome is that?


Today's challenge is to write a Q&A in the style of yahoo answers and we all know how weird those can get. A quick search on there came up with 63230 results. In my experience bipolar disorder is one of those illnesses that many have HEARD but have no real idea what it is. Or people will have a general idea because of what they have heard in the media. Sadly, most often the portrayal in the media is negative or sensational.

The most recent case of bipolar disorder in the media I can think of would be Dr Drew (and many others) speculating that Charlie Sheen has bipolar disorder. What does a look at Charlie Sheen as 'poster child' for bipolar disorder show us? We see a man that is delusional, making outrages claims, out of control, has past history of drug abuse. Yet we still don't see the true human side of this illness. What we are 'missing' is the other side of the illness presented in the depressive phase. Not to mention the times in between when the person with bipolar disorder is neither depressed nor manic.

People were still cheering on Charlie Sheen. His twitter account broke records when the numbers of his followers broke one million in hardly no time at all. Most I am willing to speculate followed him for the simple entertainment value they perceived he had. But if this is really a case of mental illness, why not step back and let him get the help he needs? Situations like this are difficult enough for the affected person and their family to deal with but having to go through a situation like this magnified by the extreme media attention? I cannot even begin to imagine.

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