Thursday, April 14, 2011

HAWMC Day 14! Another poem

Today, let’s make lists (I won’t say the “p” word) that are 5-10 lines long – each line being a lie or misconception about your health condition. You can use lies or misconceptions you’ve heard before or make ones up. Use your personal experience or get elaborate with fiction.

I was kind of dreading this challenge because it originally called for writing the "p" word aka a poem and I have never been good at those.

{8 hours later... I managed to get so side tracked that I am just now getting back to it. Ooops. Second time's the charm?!Let me apologize in advance for the terrible quality. But at least I tried, right? RIGHT?}

It can't be true,
It's in your head.
This isn't YOU.
Just get out of bed.

You say you're manic
You need to spend money?
You want to panic?
This is kind of funny.

Your life goes on,
If you just want it enough.
There is nothing to run from.
You just need to be tough.

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