Friday, April 1, 2011

HAWMC Day 1!

Say what? I am sure most of you that are reading this are scratching your head trying to figure out what HAWMC stands for. About a year ago I had joined a website for Health activists and those seeking information/support on their health issue. How does this tie in with HAWMC? April is Health Activist Writer’s Month on there. HAWMC stands for Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge. Today is the first day of 30 days of posts with prompts on blog posts.

Write a health acrostic! Use your condition’s name or the word HEALTH to make the acrostic or initialism.

Lots of

Since I am blogging about L's mental health problems I decided that this would be the best choice. His 'problems' effect the whole family in many ways. Yet despite many difficult hours over the past few years there is a lot of happiness that exists. Happy hours, days and weeks made even more precious because we never know how long they will last.

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Melissa said...

I really like what you did for today's challenge. I hope you come by and see mine.

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