Monday, March 14, 2011

Change in .2 seconds

As I have been blogging lately, L had been doing tremendously well for the first two weeks following Mr K's birth: sleeping normal hours, staying up all day without a nap, helping with the girls by taking them outside, letting me sleep in etc.

Early last week that changed. He went to bed at a normal time the night before and was in a good mood. When he got up the next morning all of that had changed. He was still tired and getting more and more irritable as the day went on.

Yesterday was yet another good example of it. We had gone out to lunch. The place we ended up going to wasn't his first choice but was still his suggestion. He had been a bit on the edge all day but insisted on sitting down inside. We had barely started eating when he 'lost it'. He was extremely agitated to the point of having to leave the restaurant leaving me with the three kids and having to get everything packed up and get the kids ready to leave. I was about to go outside when L came back in. The time outside had helped him calm down. Now however we were faced with the fact that he was upset with himself for having had this happen. So we went home and finished dinner there.

This change in moods is difficult for me to deal with since it can happen so suddenly and without warning. It is even more confusing for the kids. Especially Miss K. She tends to retreat when L starts doing worse (which in return makes him feel worse). They both cherish the times when L is doing well and spending time with just Miss K.

He has an appointment with a new psychiatrist tomorrow as the clinic he normally goes to finally found a replacement for the old one that left last year. Wish him (and us) luck.

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Chrisa said...

I wish you all good success with the new pdoc. The agitation can be so hard for everyone - the agitated person and the family trying to reduce agitation. Let us know how it goes with the new doc!

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