Thursday, February 10, 2011

Standing up for all of us and our loved ones

The past few days since I first heard about the WI dance team that did the 'Psych Ward' routine have been filled with so many wonderful examples of people in the social media world speaking out against the original NBC article. Monday's guestblog was one of the extreme highlights of these actions. If you haven't had a chance to read Erika's Open Letter (which was first posted on The MindStorm - Raising A Mentally Ill Child) please take a moment to do so. I am sure you will be as moved as I was by the words of this 14-year old girl.

As the days passed more and more people are taking a stand against this dance routine and the NBC article. It is encouraging to see people rally together and pass on the message that it is NOT okay to perpetuate the stigma and that behind words like 'psych ward', 'crazies', etc there are real people with real stories. People that are hurting alone or with their families because they are afraid of facing the stigma associated with seeking help. Mental Illness is invisible to many because people are not able to put a face to it. The unknown is scary and the media portrayal generally is not helping the cause but instead moving us further away from where we need to be.

It is not until we speak out for those of us unable to do so. We need to put a human face to this illness and show that is okay to seek help, okay to give help and most importantly that it is okay to talk about openly and out loud.

Amy (from Una Vita Bella) made the following vlog in response to all of this:

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