Saturday, February 26, 2011

A lot has happened

Since the last blog entry a lot has happened. We welcomed Mr K into our family on 2/22 and both girls are smitten by their little brother. Miss K has not moved from his side and while it took Little K a little longer she has now warmed up to him and keeps wanting to help.

The week leading up to the birth had been stressful. L doesn't deal well with any form of stress and not knowing when the baby would arrive was difficult to deal with for him. His way of dealing with it was to constantly bug me if I had had any contractions and to keep asking when the baby would get here. The past weekend we made 3 trips to the hospital because I was having contractions and he was so worried that we wouldn't make it to the hospital in time. I think had I let him we would have camped out in front of the hospital until it was time to go.

We are now trying to settle into a new routine with three kids. There are still (new) things that are making L feel extremely stressed but those will always be there. To see him with his little guy is wonderful though. He loves him with all his heart (and I keep having to stop him from waking up Mr K lol).


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