Friday, January 28, 2011

A wonderful week

Last Monday L and I had a long talk about how he had been dealing (or not dealing) with every day life in our family. He has been somewhat in denial that Baby K is due in less than 5 weeks and there was a lot left unspoken prior to that conversation.

It was one of those where you are not sure how to approach the subject but you know you have to. Ever since, he has made a huge effort to be more involved in family life again and even took Miss K out on a daddy/daughter date yesterday. The two of them tend to clash easily because they both would rather retreat in order to avoid getting hurt. This week of L being involved was exactly what we all needed.

One thing that tends to suffer when things are going downhill is our communication and we have both made a more concerted effort to spend time together and to just talk. Tonight L and I went out and it was a fun evening. Almost like it used to be. It was a wonderful change of pace and I have been telling him how proud I am of him for making this effort. He even smiled...

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florence said...

Thank you for your transparency It is honesty like this that will serve others the most. As we learn to accept our journeys we help others accept theirs. I send prayers of gratitude for your life and for your future.

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