Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Our New Year's celebration

New Year's is especially special for us since it also happens to be our anniversary. This means that a few days ago we celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. Six years filled with laughter, tears, hugs, joy and heartache. It has definitely been a crazy 6 years.

When L and I met he was still in the Navy and about to move to his new duty station which just happened to be Guam. I was still living at home in Germany. We got married after knowing each other for just 10 months all of which we spent apart. Well, all but 5 days. 3 when we initially met and the two days leading up to our wedding. Most people did not think we would last. Yet here we are. Still married, baby #3 on the way and weathering all kinds of trials and tribulations.

Fast forward to last Friday. Just like the previous year we decided to spend our anniversary at the Melting Pot. Our girls spent the night with their great-grandparents giving us a chance to get out on our own.

Our reservation wasn't until 10pm but we left our home at about 5.30pm with the goal to just walk around a bit at the mall (which is an outside mall) and maybe see a movie. It had been a warm day so we figured it'd be a nice way to enjoy the evening. Our first stop was at the restaurant at the movie theater for some delicious cumin fries with ajoli dipping sauce. We couldn't agree on a movie and the weather started to turn. It started raining. A little at first and then more and more.

L's mood was getting worse as well. There were too many people for him and he wanted to skip our date and just go home. We still had 2 1/2 hours at that point until our reservation. He kept feeling as if staying out late equaled danger. Yet because he kept switching back and forth between that feeling and feeling 'normal' he was also feeling extremely guilty for (as he put it) ruining our anniversary and New Year's. I was trying to reassure him that it was okay and that we could just celebrate our anniversary at some other time. In the end we managed to pass those 2 1/2 hours and did go to the restaurant and had a good time. The food and service was excellent as always and I ate WAY too much.

At least I had a good time. Not sure how much of L's was just pretend for my sake. I hope that he did enjoy himself. Asking him would do no good because he would just say he did have a good time.

Here's to many more years and that the 7th year will be a wonderful one for our whole family


Melissa said...

I can totally understand L and how he equated staying out late to danger. That is a feeling I am familiar with. Even if he was faking enjoying himself for your sake, I think that is a good thing. He actually conquered his fear that evening, and was willing to make himself uncomfortable for the woman he loves. I would call that a victory!

Samuel said...

I understand what you fell but just pray and hope that everything will be alright and and ends up happily.

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