Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A new psychiatrist

L's old psychiatrist left the office and moved away so it was time to find a new one. His first appointment was yesterday. As usual that meant a lot of anxiety in the days leading up to his appointment. With anxiety for L come random irritability, too much sleep and anger. He is also much more likely to fear that we all just want to leave him and that he is unworthy of love.

It didn't help that our GPS decided to NOT lead us to the right location and that we ended up being 6minutes late. Luckily we didn't have to wait too long after arriving to be seen by the doctor.

Since it was his first visit with her we of course went over all his medical history. It is one of the reasons why I go with him since he is likely to simply not remember important things (like his first hospitalization, dates, meds he has been on etc).

One of the things that has been a potential diagnosis (unrelated to mental health) has been narcolepsy. Aside from sleeping a lot he will randomly fall asleep doing other things. We never got a sleep study done because the doctor at that clinic wanted him off ALL his meds within a weeks time frame which we refused to do. Him being completely unmedicated (and weaned off like that) was just not worth it. Anyway back to yesterday. His new doctor is willing to treat him for narcolepsy. He'll be started on a very low dose and we will go from there.

We talked about a few other things during his appointment some which made him very anxious and ready to leave. His new doc didn't let him step out though and after about 5-10minutes he started doing better again.

However, once we left all his pent up anxiety and frustration came out and led to a loud disagreement between us. He has agreed to go back to his psychologist to give CBT another shot. Last time he tried it he kept falling asleep during his appointments rendering them rather useless.

Let's hope that yesterday was a good start to this new year and will be a fresh start for all of us.


Sara said...

I hope things progress semi-smoothly. The transition from one doctor to another can be difficult, but it is good that this one sounds willing to help and work with you guys.

Melissa said...

I remember when my first pdoc left the practice, and I had to get used to a new one. I was so anxious. I can relate to how L was feeling.

AdmGln said...

Good luck.

Samuel said...

Well good luck, wish everything goes right.
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