Saturday, January 1, 2011

A look back on 2010 and ahead to 2011

Do you have any New Year's resolution? Do you think they will stick? I normally try not to make any simply because I know that I hardly ever stick to them. But I am getting ahead of myself.

What a year this last year has been. I got a job with a wonderful company at the beginning of 2010 and it couldn't have come at a better time. Thinks between L and I had been rocky for a while and in February the girls and I moved out into out own place. L had stopped taking his meds for a while and was making decisions that were putting our marriage in jeopardy. After a week of me having been gone from our home we decided to not give up on us under the condition that he would continue to take his meds (that he had started taking again on his own) and that we would start going to marriage counseling.

We also found out we were pregnant with baby #3 this past year. Baby K is due on March 1st, though I am hoping he won't wait until his due date to join our family.

This past year has not been an easy one but there have been many highlights. Things like meeting new people thanks to my blog and participating in #mhsm chats, Miss K having her first ballet recital and starting preschool, Musikgarten with both girls, celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary yesterday and L putting in more effort into everything and a year without hospital stays for him.

The last one might not sound like a lot for many but it is a huge accomplishment for him. Since his initial mental health related inpatient stay in October 2007 this past year has been the first one without any kind of extended hospital stay. He came close a few times but with the help of his doctors and social worker at the VA we were able to manage those times at home.

What is to come for 2011??? A new baby to add to our family, hopefully a continued getting better for L, continued counseling, raising our beautiful girls,... I am looking forward to this year. I am excited about the challenges this year will provide and can't wait to see where our journey will take us this year.

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AdmGln said...

Happy New Year. Good luck and best wishes for this new year.

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