Saturday, October 9, 2010

Thankful Saturday

I started feeling kind of off Thursday afternoon: headaches, heartburn, nausea. I chalked it up to being pregnant. It didn't get better though and by Friday night my head was pounding and I felt as if I was starting to have a temperature (that reminds me, I need a new thermometer ASAP). I made it through work okay and was so thankful to finally go to bed after midnight.

L had a 'no sleep night' and that meant, as it usually does, that he woke me up a few times throughout the night. I had mentioned last night that I wanted to call his grandparents to see if they could watch the girls just so that I could get some rest today before work this afternoon. So he called them before I got up and they said 'No problem! Bring them over!'.

I am feeling a bit better than I did last night but I am so thankful that they are here and so willing (and able) to help us with the kids. It makes things much easier for me and takes a huge load of my shoulders.

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Melissa Mashburn said...

I hope you are feeling better now.

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