Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Semi successful camping trip

This past weekend we took a family trip to a camping ground about two hours away. In my almost 28 years of existence on this planet I had not been camping before. I was very unsure if I would like it but L absolutely loves camping and had wanted to take all of us along for a long time. So we finally went...

We left around noon after the girls had gone to their Musikgarten class and arrived at the 'primitive campground' around 2pm. We set up camp and just relaxed. Well, L relaxed. Little K had not had a single nap all day at that point and was getting unhappier by the second. She refused to sleep, didn't want to sleep and just was not a happy camper (pun intended). Since we still needed stuff I took her with me to get some more supplies.

Th rest of the evening did not go any better. I have to say a huge 'AWESOME JOB' to L though. Despite the stress of Little K screaming constantly he did extremely well. He took care of Miss K while I tended to the little one. Her and I ended up trying to sleep in the car.

The next day was a big 'Daddy-Miss K' day where L took her on a 1 1/2h hiking trip, followed with a trip to Ruby Falls. He did great. Better than great.

Even when we had to leave earlier than planned he handled the disappointment very well. No yelling, no irritability. Just acceptance.

In that aspect the camping trip was a success (plus we got some great family pics and pics of the girls playing in the fall leaves). We learned one lesson though: next time leave Little K with her great grandparents. And there already is a next time planned. This time with L's mom and stepdad. Let's see how that one will go.

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