Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Need lots of prayers and/or good luck vibes

Please send whatever you can our way. This is nothing serious. No life or death situation (I would hope lol) but L is going camping with Miss K, his mom and stepdad tomorrow and they won't be back until Sunday. At least that's the plan for now. Since I am working I won't be able to join them until Saturday.

L has been preparing for this trip for about a week now and it is stressing him out quiet a bit at this point. His relationship with his mom is somewhat tense most times so this isn't helping much. So why is he going? To give his family some time to spend with Miss K. She used to go over there for sleepovers but after some incidents in the past we don't allow that anymore and she has only been there supervised by us.

I'm pretty confident that things will work out fine. If not, I can always make the drive up to the camp side and pick them up early.

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Sara said...

Y'all are in my thoughts.

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