Friday, October 8, 2010

It's already Friday again???

I have been feeling as if time is flying by. This morning I looked at my calendar and realized the week was almost over. Between work, the girls' activities and appointments time is just slipping away. I can't decide if that's a good thing or not.

I am almost halfway through my pregnancy, and L is talking about moving (again). I am tired of moving. In the almost 6 years of our marriage we/I have moved 9 times. The first few were because of the Navy when L was still enlisted. The rest were because L is simply restless. He is looking for a place that will bring him happiness and take him away from the problems he has had in all other places. To me, he is running away from things he simply cannot run away from. His mental health problems won't stay behind when we move. They will come with us. Logically speaking he knows this and we have talked about it numerous times. Yet part of him is unwilling or unable to accept this.

He has changed his mind already several times on WHERE he wants to move. Who knows what his final verdict will be. Only time will tell. Though at the rate time is going by right now that might not be all that long from now.


Melissa Mashburn said...

Maybe he will at least wait until after the baby is born. Moving when you are pregnant and with little ones is very difficult.

Kris said...

He knows that NOTHING will happen until after the baby is here. When (and even where) is still up for debate.

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