Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Inbetween

We are neither here nor there right now. At least that's what it feels like. I can see L put a lot of effort into everything. He has been (voluntarily) spending more time with all of us. Things still seem a bit awkward when we dare together but that is just the leftovers from the past few weeks that were plagued by fights, disagreements and living next to each other instead of with each other. We are definitely on the right path again.

Our oldest just started preschool and there are times when L will have to drive her to preschool and pick her up. Yesterday was the first time that he had to do that and I was unsure how it would go since he had to get up much earlier than he normally does and because I was unsure how Miss K would react to it. There are times when she acts as if she wants nothing to do with her daddy which is extremely difficult for L to handle.

Thankfully, yesterday went over smoothly. There were no complaints from L and he got up with no problems and Miss K accepted it without being upset about it as well. It set a great precedent for the next times that L will have to drive her and is one big load off my shoulders. Not to mention that it gives the two of them some time to spend together which they both need.


Lisa said...

I may be entirely off but sometimes the inbetween can be a nice calming break. If it is ...enjoy it.

take care

AmyK said...

I agree, sometimes in-between can be a good thing.
I am so glad this went well for you all!
I can relate to this kind of challenge with parenting as my kids are not used to their Dad being as involved as I am. It can make for some challenging transitions at times.

Kris said...

It certainly can be nice. Once I get over MY anxiety of 'when will things change again?' lol Trying to enjoy it for what it is without any added expectations.

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