Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Ups and Downs

Lately again we have had more downs that ups. I went with L to his last appointment with his social worker who also did our marriage counseling earlier this year. The first day after the appointment it was just as bad as it had been the two weeks leading up to it but Sunday and Monday were wonderful. Until we got into another argument late Monday night.

The problem we are currently having is that L has made new friends and that these friends seem to be his priority right now. We have this problem every time. In a way I understand why these friends are so important and I agree that they ARE important. It gets him out of the house and he has other people than me to talk to. But he tends to go overboard. With me being pregnant and much more emotional I am having a more difficult time dealing with it.

We are both so used to the status quo of him being home all the time after it being that way for years that we both have a difficult time dealing with this in a healthy way right away. Add into the mix that the last time L made friends it almost led to our divorce twice and there is a lot of added baggage and bad feelings.

It is something we are both learning about in our own ways. I need to let go a bit more, and he needs to learn to not go overboard. Hopefully we can meet in the middle. Until then we will go back to marriage counseling and try to deal with the problems that are happening along the way to the best of our abilities.

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Inside the Mind of a... said...

I'm so sorry you're dealing with these things with L when i seems like he is such a great support to you at times.

I'm glad you guys are seeking counseling and trying to work through it all.

I hope the ups start coming more often!
take care!!

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