Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The evils of Redbull

L has a long love story with Redbull and other energy drinks. A leftover from his time in the Navy. It never made much of a difference in his behavior and would just help him stay awake. At the early stages of our journey with bipolar disorder we also dealt with him falling asleep at random like standing in line at the grocery store, at our oldest daughter's 1st birthday party while we were unwrapping presents, standing in his sister's kitchen were he was standing up asleep for 45 minutes before I finally found him. So he started drinking more energy drinks to try to stay awake.

Over the past year he has rarely drank an energy drink.

This past week I have noticed that he was becoming increasingly irritable, angry and just less pleasant to be around. Plus he seemed to be avoiding me. It has all around been awkward around our home for the past few days.

Last night I confronted him and made him sit down with me and listen to me. He told me that he has been drinking quiet a bit of Redbull since last Friday and that he, too, was starting to notice that he was 'a bit more irritable'. A bit more is an understatement but I am thankful for him realizing that it is having this effect on him. I told him that I want to go to his next appointment with his social worker this upcoming Friday and he agreed. He promised not to drink anymore energy drinks and hopefully he will be able to stick to that promise.

I was unaware of this until I did some research last night but apparently energy drinks are known to trigger mania. I wish his doctor would have told us that.

From psychcentral.com
Energy drinks such as Red Bull, Full Throttle and Rockstar are refreshing boosts for most people, but in bipolar consumers they may trigger mania.

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