Tuesday, August 31, 2010

BUSY day

Today is only half way over and I am already ready for bed time. Our oldest is starting preschool twice a week on Thursday and today was 'Meet the teacher' day for the kids. Miss K has been waiting for this day. She even packed her backpack this morning.

[3hours later]

I got busy making phone calls and before I knew it it was 3:40pm lol Only 1 1/2 hours until Little K's bed time and 3hours until Miss K's bed time. YAY! Then it's time for some mommy time. I better finish this post before I get distracted and it's 9pm or something like that.

This morning was extremely busy. As was the afternoon obviously. ;) Miss K LOVED preschool. I might as well have left since she wasn't paying attention to me anyway. She was too busy playing with her friends. She didn't want to leave when it was time to go. After that we waited for ballet to start. Something else she enjoys immensely. While she danced Little K and I got to spend some together which was nice. I know we will enjoy our 'Mommy and Kayleigh' time while Miss K is in preschool twice a week. With the new baby coming in March I think it is something we really need.

I;m hoping to make Thursday night date night. The girls will be spending the night with their great-grandparents and L and I need some time for just us.

But for now I am looking forward to the girls bedtime and then another great #mhsm chat!

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