Tuesday, July 6, 2010

That's how the cookie crumbles

After two nearly perfect weeks we hit a rough spot on Sunday and we're still not quiet out of it. Thanks to two very good weeks though it is easier to get out of it and to remember that we will get through it.

It all started with a small disagreement that led L to brood over it until he exploded. It turned into him having a lot of self-doubt and thinking that he deserved nothing but the worst to happen to him. It took a while but we got through it. A little shaky until the next morning but we made it yet again. Two days later the after effects are still there. He is depressed and easily irritated. Yet despite that he is reacting to it better than he has in the past.

I can see that he is trying very hard and for that we are all thankful. As I am typing this L and Miss K are sitting on the floor coloring with markers.

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