Thursday, July 8, 2010

Movie date was a bust

Apparently everyone (including several large groups consisting of 10-30 kids each) decided to go to the movie yesterday. We got our free tickets and walked to the theater in which the movie was going to be shown. Considering that most of these kids appeared to be 5 and under I had told L that it would be okay if we left without trying to see the movie. He insisted on seeing it at first though. Before we ever picked our seats it became too much for him and he asked to leave.

I know he felt terrible about it and I tried to remind him that it was okay and that I was proud of him for trying. Of course all of that was lost on out 3 1/2 year old who was a little upset at first but that was easily taken care of by just letting her play outside. The one comment she made though was enough to upset L extremely and he started to take off.

This relatively small event triggered so much more. He became depresses and irritable. The girls picked up on it and in the end we all were in a bad mood and I was counting down the hours and then minutes until their bed time. It took much longer than usual to get them to go to sleep.

It is a difficult cycle to break. The girls feed off of L, who then gets more and more upset because the whining/crying/talking too loudly/too quietly/too much/not enough is not right. He gets so wrapped up in feeling bad that it is difficult to get him out of it. By 8pm he seemed to be doing better but only the rest of today will tell.

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