Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's been stressful around here

We have gotten two offers on our house (from the same couple) but they have been way lower than what the house is listed for which would mean that we would not only not make money but lose some serious money. We are countering their latest offer but who knows if they will take it.

That of course is a lot to deal with for anyone, let alone L. Add to that that he has been cooped up in the apartment because of the heat, two kids that are going stir crazy and just life in general (aka family drama). Things have been going a bit downhill here again. Nothing major. Just a lot of sleeping on L's part to avoid dealing with everything.

We have been trying to make more time for 'us' time. It has been wonderful. We are fortunate that L's grandparents offer on an almost weekly basis to watch the girls for the night. It has helped us so much.

The potential buyers have a week to decide. I hope they will agree and quickly. ;)

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Kristin said...

I have my fingers crossed that your potential buyers will take your offer. Whenever there is any added stress, you can be guaranteed that L will feel it. But, I like your idea of deflecting the tension by planning time together. Somewhere in L's brain, a link will be made that stress can be relieved by quality time with you.
I have seen you work wonders in the past, Kris. I am sure you can do it again.
xx kris

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