Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, a quiet Sunday morning

I got to sleep in until 7.30am (no seriously, to me that is sleeping in now lol), Miss K slept until 8am and Little K didn't get up until almost 9am. L is still sleeping as well.

Last night I was exhausted. A lot happened yesterday and we were busy. Most things involved the extended family so I won't go into detail but suffice to say that things are stressful (and very upsetting) right now when it comes to most of my inlaws. But I still have to say that I am extremely proud of how L has been handling everything.

We are trying to sell our house, are living in an apartment that feels way too small for L, we will need a new car before February of next year, are trying to decide where to go from here and then the added stress from L's family. In the past this would have been extremely difficult for L to deal with and his mood would have been accordingly. Yet, despite all these big issues he is dealing with everything amazingly well. He hasn't obsessed about buying the car right now (which he would have done in the past), is somewhat patient about our house, and said himself yesterday that he is working very hard on NOT letting other people's mood and actions affect him.

There is so much to be proud of and so much to celebrate despite these difficulties. And for that I am thankful.


Melissa Mashburn said...

Extended family issues are always difficult. Ugh!

I am so happy to hear that L is dealing with several different stressful and triggering situations as well as he is.

Rachel said...

Since getting Google Reader, I've been able to follow all your posts...and I wanted to say I'm so happy for you and your family that L has been doing so well. Even if he has minor setbacks, it sounds like it is nothing compared to what it could be and L should be so proud of himself.

This shows he can do it!!! And if or when, he ever has a major one, you can then show him all these positive blogs to remind him just how strong and capable he can be! You're doing a great job, L, and I'm sure I'm not the only reader of your blog, Kris, who has noticed how much more "happier" you sound.

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