Tuesday, July 27, 2010

An afternoon in the ER

L has been feeling bad since last Friday. As soon as he'd eat his stomach would hurt and he would run to the bathroom. Nothing stayed down aside from some liquids. We took him to the doctor who did some bloodwork, prescribed meds for the nausea and pain and referred him for an ultrasound. But that won't be for another week or so. Since he kept getting more and more irritable because of the constantly reoccurring pain we ended up taking him to the ER. 4 hours and one IV bag later (not to mention them trying to do more blood work and trying to find a good vein for the IV which took them 6 tries and lots of digging around) they discharged him. Diagnosis? No idea. All labwork and the x-ray and CT scan all came back normal.

Fun times were had by nobody. It was certainly not how I had wanted to spend half of my day off. lol

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