Sunday, June 6, 2010

Yesterday was stressful

Yesterday evening was our oldest daughter's first recital. Our little girl looked beautiful and I know she had a blast.



I got to the picture and took a 5 minute break from writing. Why? Last night was one of those difficult nights that showed me that we are not a 'normal' family. The day had been a bit stressful starting around 3pm and even though the recital was at a pretty small theater that seats 'only' 677 people it proved to be too much for L before the show ever even began. He went outside and sat in the car. We left during the intermission because he was just not able to stay any longer. Miss K doesn't know that her daddy didn't see her and we won't tell her. For all she knows we were all there watching her. I know this won't work when she gets older. Hopefully she will understand if this still happens later on in her life.

Having to leave early made L very irritable. I didn't ask him so I might be completely off base but knowing him I think it was his way of dealing with being upset about not being able to stay. It is one of the reminders of how L's mental illness effects our family. I hope that next time he will be able to be there. Not even so much for Miss K but for him.

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