Saturday, June 19, 2010

Things are looking up

After our long talk the other night L has been doing so much better. He's been awake most of the day, sleeping at night, spending time with all of us and (dare I say it) laughing and joking around. It has been a wonderful two days that I have been soaking up.

My highlight though was last night when L and Miss K 'sneaked out' at 8.30pm-ish to catch fireflies together.


They were unsuccessful but that is not what counts. What counts is that L took the initiative to do something with just Miss K. What counts is that he shared something with her that he enjoyed doing as a child. They walked around together barefoot in the dark for almost 30 minutes and just spent time together. And that is priceless.


Andrew said...

Yes, this is priceless just like this post. Glad things are looking up. It seems to be contagious lately in the community.

Livi said...

Aww that's so good :) It's those moments that you remember when you're older.

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