Tuesday, June 22, 2010

So proud of L

I have to brag on my hubby for a little bit. Remember my post from last week about the long talk I had with him about HIM having to take responsibility for his own well being and that he HAS to believe in himself because me believing in him is not enough to make him better?

So far he has truly taking it to heart. It is amazing to see the change in him. He has been working so hard on getting our house ready to sell (we are moving/have moved to the apartment I got earlier this year to save money), he has been much more active with the girls and so attentive to me, complimenting me and just joking around.

With us having to pay for the house and the apartment money was tight on Father's Day and 'all' he got was a card from Miss K that she made for him. In the past this would have been cause for him to sink into depression and to just focus on all the negative things. This time there were no complaints at all and he thanked Miss K without having to be reminded.

Last night I was especially proud of him. He told me that he has been telling himself every day that he WILL get better. That is huge for him. I couldn't be prouder of him for trying so hard.

It has been wonderful and I have truly been able to just enjoy him being this way without being worried about when it will end. I know there might be road bumps again. For now though we are just enjoying the ride. Any bad time that might follow will just be dealt with should it happen. But I will be ready and my spirits will have been renewed.


Andrew said...

This was just the kind of story I needed to read this morning. A story of hope. Thank you and kudos to L for trying so hard. I know from first hand experience how tough it can be to just get out of the bed to face the day.

Rachel said...

That's great Kris! Good job Luke!

I'll be praying for you guys. I pray that Luke keeps learning how to "live" with his depression and not beat himself up too bad when he gets hit w/ those low times. Keep it up Luke! One day at a time. Have faith. You will get there.

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