Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sleep issues again

For almost two weeks now L's sleep schedule has been messed up again.He will be up all night until 5 or 6 am and then sleep until 11am or 12pm. Rinse and repeat. His sleeping issues are something we have been dealing with for a long time. He has tried various sleeping pills, CDs aimed at helping you fall asleep, just laying down and counting sheep but without much success. So we just adjust our schedules (for now) and the girls and I go on with our lives during the day while he sleeps.

He used to want me to keep the girls quiet but he learned quickly that that wasn't an option. If he needs to sleep during the day he can deal with the kids playing without having to be quiet.

His sleeping has caused numerous issues in the past. For about a year his doctors thought he might have narcolepsy (and he does carry the genetic markers for it as confirmed by a blood test). He would fall asleep standing in line at the grocery store, mid-sentence in a conversation and once while standing in his sister's kitchen where he stayed asleep standing up for 45 minutes. He was supposed to do a sleep latency study in April 2009 but it was very close to my due date and the doctor at the sleep clinic wanted him to taper off his meds and completely weaned off his meds for a week. Just the thought of that was stressing L and me out. He ended up not doing the sleep study because I refused to have an unmedicated husband in the house with a newborn baby. Just like the issue had appeared out of nowhere it disappeared again sometime last summer.

Just like with everything else we just deal with it on a case by case basis. We both know that no sleep/change in sleep schedule is not good for him but we have yet to find a consistent way of dealing with it. So, as always, I just keep an eye on him and hope for the best.


Kristin said...

Wouldn't it be easy if everything just stayed static? But, no, the symptoms of mental illness each like a chance at center stage.
The sleep issue is a real problem. Heavy drugs don't alway work for my daughter. She has had bizarre things happen while on sleep-inducing drugs. And, then the nightmares are sometimes so vivid, she is afraid to fall asleep. I hope this phase passes soon and everyone sleeps peacefully again.
I admire how you go about you day and take such good care of the girls despite being worried about L.
xx kris

Kris said...

Static and boring would be great. lol L tried Ambien and the two weeks he was on it were SCARY for both of us. He would seem awake but was sleeping. Talking about what he was dreaming as if it was really happening, paranoid,... Just no good all together.

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