Friday, June 25, 2010

Night out not successful

With L doing so great I wanted to do something for him. SO I made him an appointment for a massage and told him to go to dinner by himself and enjoy some peace and quiet. A few weeks when we had gone out to eat he had mentioned that he should have just gone by himself because it is so stressful for him when we go out as a family and Little K might be a bit fussy.

Well, when he came home he said he was too lonely going out by himself and that he missed all of us. The verdict is still out on how he liked the massage. It did help loosen up his tight back muscles so that's a plus. lol

I am still enjoying the recent changes. It is wonderful to be able to go grocery shopping and L not get upset with Little K when she starts to get tired/upset/fussy because we're taking too long.

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