Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A much needed vacation

Our vacation was much needed and (aside from the ride there and back) VERY relaxing. There is just something about being at the ocean that is so relaxing to me. We all have our own little happy place and mine is the sea. More about my 'happy place' tomorrow though. Today I want to talk about our vacation.

I am very proud of L. He did SO much with Miss K. Not all of us as a family but just lots of daddy/daughter time. They went on a 4 hour deep-sea fishing trip on Thursday. Not even an hour after coming back Miss K wanted to know when they would go again. And Friday morning he took her to his favorite beach to look for shells. They were gone for almost 3 hours. Not to mention the times when he took her to the 'normal' beach for a little bit. They both needed this time and I know they both very much enjoyed it. Times like this make the bad days bearable because even through those days I know that once we get through it we will have our good days again. Those few days NOT worrying about him were exactly what we all needed.

Now we are ready to tackle whatever life will throw at us next. Bring it on! I am recharged and ready to go.

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Cindy Nelson said...

I enjoy your blog posts. Keep it up. The memorial day post was especially heartwarming and I bet alot of caregivers would also feel it too.

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