Tuesday, June 29, 2010

More lies

Why can people not keep their noses to themselves instead of insisting to meddle in other people's marriages? Last night L woke me up at 2am because he had to talk. Someone has been telling him that supposedly I am cheating on him. Where they got the idea from I have no idea. It isn't happening now, hasn't happened in the past and will not happen in the future.

Most people would just shake it off especially given the history of those that told him this in the first place. Tell this (or similar things) to someone with extremely low self-esteem who believes that nothing good should ever happen to him and who overthinks even the smallest things and you suddenly have someone with a lot of doubt.

I am thankful though that L is now in a place where while it creates doubt in his mind he also knows at the same time that there is no reason for him to believe it. We have dealt with similar situations a lot in the past and it used to be something he would keep to himself until this small doubt had turned into something much bigger and he would start pushing me away. I am thankful that we can talk about this right when it happens now and prevent a bigger issue coming out of it.

We have come a long way from those days.

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Anxious Kaley said...

That IS frustrating. I understand what you mean about people meddling in your marriage, although not to the extent that you're describing. When my life first started its downward spiral, my family began meddling in mine and second-guessing my husband with everything he did to help me. I'm glad you're making some progress, and I'm glad you're as strong as you are!

Thinking of you and your marriage. You're an amazing person and a pleasure to interact with. I wish you the best!

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