Monday, June 28, 2010

~Mental Health Monday Guest Blogger~

Today I am very honored to be introducing Amy to all of you. She is the founder of my all time favorite twitter chat #mhsm and who inspired me to start my own. You can join the #mhsm chat every Tuesday at 8pm CST. Amy can be found at @Abeeliever and @mhsmchat.

Mental Health Monday has special meaning to me, so it is a great honor to be guest blogging about this topic here. I created the #mentalhealthmonday hashtag many months ago in an effort to provide a space for mentions of other activists, advocates, and supporters of mental health issues. My hope was that it would connect more of us interested in mental health issues with one another. I saw it as the potential to be a kind of #FollowFriday for the mental health community. Mental Health Monday has since taken on different meanings for different people, all of them good.

I would love to see the use of this hashtag grow, as we continue to share stories, resources, and tips to name a few, on Mental Health Mondays. It is an easy and simple way to bring attention to these important issues, with as little as one tweet a week to show your support.

For me, Mental Health Monday is everyday. Bringing awareness to mental health issues is at the heart of what I do each day and yet, like many of you who are reading, I struggle with mental health issues of my own and have loved ones who struggle as well. Not all days are a struggle though, some days I thrive, some days I almost forget! There are dark days and sad days, too. But most days, I remember how important it is to tell others about the issues that everyone needs to be aware of.

It is a myth to think that mental health issues do not touch your life somehow. We all have mental health, some of us are healthier in this aspect than others. Just like we all have digestive health, mental health is a key, if not the key, to well-being. By sharing our hearts, our passions, and our struggles, we tell the world that mental health issues are an integral and vital part of life, not something to be ashamed of or secretive about.

I hope that everyone will take a moment on Mondays to tell the world that you support mental health. It can be as easy as saying, "It's #mentalhealthmonday." It doesn't have to be hard and together we really do make a difference.

You can read more about my personal story, challenges and passions at Una Vita Bella, my personal blog.

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