Monday, June 7, 2010

~Mental Health Monday Guest Blogger ~ Tasks Unlimited

Today's guestblogger is Rachel from Tasks Unlimited

“I was sick.”

It may be a simple way to describe what life was like before joining Tasks Unlimited, but life was far from simple for Pete.

He came to the Tasks Unlimited office to learn about a program he saw on someone’s t-shirt. Pete had recently left the hospital with a mental illness diagnosis and was trying to figure out what to do next. Today, he’s a 20+ year employee of Tasks Unlimited. He’s also a member of one of the program’s Fairweather Lodges—a housing opportunity where people with mental illness live, work and offer each other mental health support without 24-hour supervision. For participants like Pete, it’s a chance to live and work in an environment that supports his mental health without the strict guidelines of a supervised home or hospital.

“I’m really close to the guys I live with. We get together and have a luncheon club on Saturdays and go to Ruby Tuesday’s or Baker’s Square or some other restaurant. I’m very grateful for Tasks because they’ve helped me tremendously. I’ve been very successful in terms of my mental health.”

Pete was offered a place in the Lodge training program in the late 1980’s and a job doing janitorial work for Tasks Unlimited Building Services (TUBS). After graduating from the program, he moved into his first lodge and continued to work in the TUBS supported employment program. Today, he lives in a different lodge and has moved into an office assistant position, but appreciates the opportunity to join Tasks Unlimited.

“The people on staff are very nice to me. Tasks has been very good to me.”

Tasks Unlimited is a supported employment, housing and mental health recovery program designed to help people with serious and persistent mental illness achieve the full rights and responsibilities of adults.

Overcoming mental illness is hard. Programs like Tasks Unlimited can help, but they aren’t for everyone.

“I don’t know if it’s for everybody. It was hard because I was sick. But I would say to people work hard and hang in there.”

For more information on Tasks Unlimited, visit
Join the Tasks Unlimited Facebook page to help support people like Pete with serious and persistent mental illnesses.

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