Friday, June 4, 2010

Last night's #ojtl chat was a success

Thank you so much to everyone that joined the second #ojtl chat last night! For those that missed it, I hope to see you there next Thursday at 9PMCST. It was great talking to people that 'get it' and that know the struggles and emotions associated with having a loved one with a mental illness. One thing we talked about briefly was so that so many of the online forums we have looked at in the past seemed to be so negative and as Cindy put it 'just a bash fest'. That is not what I am looking for when looking for an online community. Yes, there is no doubt that living with someone with a mental illness is not a walk in the park at times. I refuse to let the negative things to stand in the foreground though. We all need times to vent and just let it all out before we explode BUT if that becomes the main issue it (in my opinion) is a recipe for disaster. So here's to a new chat that will let us stay positive in a world filled with uncertainty and difficulties.

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