Sunday, June 27, 2010

Don't like liars

Yesterday someone told a big lie about me. I could confront that person but in the end I am not sure if it is worth it or if it would make things worse. Everything in me is screaming to confront the person that told the lie and the person the lie was told to. It is difficult to take the high road here and ask for the strength to forgive.

Especially since it caused tension between L an I because L too was extremely upset about it and since he couldn't talk to the person that told the lie he (at first) started taking it out on me. We got through it by remembering boundaries we have set in the past like 'No fighting in the car' and to continue to communicate after a cool down period. It worked. We know it works. It is remembering to use these tools and remembering (and accepting) these boundaries in the middle of a disagreement that is difficult.


Kristin said...

No one likes liars!
I hope that you can clear the air, maybe even get a chance to set the record straight.
The boundary setting and the way that L is getting along with the girls is so great. These are the concrete changes that make life easier for everyone in the family.
xx kris

Kris said...

I doubt it'll ever happen (the confrontation with that person) since it is family and I really think it would make things worse. To my face this person pretends to love me but yet continues to talk badly about me behind my back. Past attempts to change things were unsuccessful

Kristin said...

Ugh, I hate when it is too close and can't be discussed openly. Grin and bearing it just isn't satisfying. Two-faced people are hard to deal with...

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