Thursday, June 24, 2010

Back to 'work'

I took yesterday off because I was exhausted (and had to concentrate on my job lol). It didn't help that we had a family crisis going on that needed my attention and that I was running on four hours of sleep because of said crisis.

L's mom was taken to the hospital the night before and we were dealing with that. I am thankful that L had been doing so great leading up to this because he reacted calmly and without letting it get him upset to the point of yelling and screaming.

Last night we hit a small rough patch though because of some things that were said to him on Saturday. Instead of talking to me about it he just kept thinking and thinking about it until he was convinced I would leave him. Why? Because he doesn't do laundry. If you think that that is a weird thing to focus on and to believe that it might have any validity. For L a small thing like that can take up a lot of space in this thoughts and become something much bigger than it should be and it really is.

I think we were able to talk about it last night and get over it. So far today has been another good day.

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